Meet 20 year old electronic artist and producer Maybon (aka Eivind Wøien). Hailing from Gran; a small, remote town in Norway, Maybon is used to creating his own distractions. His teenage years have been a blur of music, skateboarding and skiing, the snow topped hills surrounding him providing his playground and inspiration.

Just before hitting his teenage years, a friend played Maybon a piece of music he had created on his computer, and everything changed. “I started attending production classes back in 2011, and I was hooked! I spent all of my time producing. It became my passion.”

Maybon started working in his bedroom studio - a skill that came incredibly naturally to him. His remix of Scandi duo sensation Marcus & Martinus achieved over 4.5 million streams.

Maybon was thrust from obscurity into the spotlight in 2016 when he became one of 10 finalists in the hit Norwegian talent show ‘The Stream’. The show is unique in that contestants compete to gain the biggest numbers of streams for their music online - a true reflection of how audiences consume music. Maybon’s tracks were a runaway success, getting him into the final stages of the competition with ease. The process was enlightening for Maybon,  who realised he could follow his dream. “Getting to the finals was a dream come true. I was speechless; it felt like music became much more important after that.”



The Stream